Annual Golf Tournament

Single Golfer – $150.00

The Cause

For the second year, HOPE CDC will be presenting awards from the RABB-HILL Scholarship fund to deserving San Fernando Valley High School seniors and recipients from the Los Angeles Unified School Districts (LAUSD) Homeless Education Program.

The RABB-HILL Scholarship fund is dedicated to the memories to two women in community service and education: The late Dr. Sharon Rabb, founder of the Center for the Empowerment of Families (CEF) and Robin Hill a 20-year elementary school teacher in the LAUSD. Last year, awards were presented to the LAUSD Homeless Education Program and two young men who are now attending UC Irvine and Morehouse College respectively. Your participation and generous donations ensure these students are able to continue pursuing their educational dreams!

Learn, Play, Connect

Knollwood Country Club offers numerous opportunities for competitive or social play for golfers of all ages and abilities. From the Knollwood’s Men’s and Women’s Clubs to individual instruction, our programs are designed to help golfers enhance their skills while building friendships and connecting with others who share their interest in the game.

The Concert

A mini-concert will be combined with some comic relief during the Awards Ceremony and Banquet for your entertainment pleasure! That sounds like a good way to wind down after an awesome round of golf! The Banquet and Award ceremony will commence immediately after your incredible round of golf is complete. The amazing Knollwood event staff will serve a great meal after your game as you practice for your awards acceptance speech. Of course, if you don’t place in the top three this year, you can save the speech for next year!!

The Children

During our pre-golf activities, we invite kids to come to the course and take selfies on the red carpet and compete for prizes in our free kids putting challenge. We will have live music, giveaways and an exciting helicopter ball drop which is always a hit!  Parents are encouraged to bring kids to the pre-golf activities as it gives us an opportunity to remind them and others that we are here to invest in their future! Parents may also sign the kids up to participate in the raffles, and helicopter ball drop for a nominal donation and chance to win great prizes!

So you want to play but you don’t know how?


Golf Instructor Justin Harvey walks you through the basics to get started in Golf.

Golf Lessons with Derek Hooper – I have always felt that putting is the easiest part of the game. It requires little strength, endurance, flexibility or speed and thus with some practice every player can become a proficient putter. Despite this many players still find it difficult to make as many putts as they would like and end up wasting too many strokes on the greens.